[Daily ME #17-007] How is life without internet?

I’m actually at work right now and I (actually the whole office) don’t have internet connection since this morning. My work mainly involves doing things in my computer… and my email So if I don’t have internet connection, I don’t have work. Continue reading


[Daily Me #17-006] Bullet Journal…?

Over the past few days, videos about doing bullet journals have been popping up in my YouTube Recommended videos. I was a bit curious about it. I am aware that it is a way to keep track of things but I’m not really that aware about the system. And that’s why I clicked into one of the videos and I got hooked up. Now, I’m deciding if I should do it. Continue reading

[Daily Me #17-005] Almost 3 mos. as an HR Asst

It has been quite a while since I started working again. To be exact, it has been two days short from being three months. Before, my roles have been focused on recruitment only. But with the current role that I am, recruitment is only a part of that. I also handle compensation & benefits (payroll and stuff), training & development (a bit of it too) and employee relations (not so much but learning a bit). My manager and I will soon be dwelling into company organization and I will dig deeper in the areas that I am currently handling.

So how was the experience as a Human Resources Assistant? Continue reading