A person acts humbly. Someone complements him for doing so. Then he said he is indeed humble. Does that still count as being humble?

I wonder.


[Daily Me #17-005] Almost 3 mos. as an HR Asst

It has been quite a while since I started working again. To be exact, it has been two days short from being three months. Before, my roles have been focused on recruitment only. But with the current role that I am, recruitment is only a part of that. I also handle compensation & benefits (payroll and stuff), training & development (a bit of it too) and employee relations (not so much but learning a bit). My manager and I will soon be dwelling into company organization and I will dig deeper in the areas that I am currently handling.

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[Daily Me #17-004] Just updating

I told myself, at the very start of the year, that the least I would write is once a week. And when was the last time I wrote something? Uhm… weeks ago. Well, with my work and all, I find it kind of difficult to have the time to think of a good content and blog about it. I do have some insights about things but they are not solid enough for me to write. But I have been feeling guilty of not putting anything up so I’m back… with not much.

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[Daily Me #17-003] Another First Day

I have not posted that much with regards with my real life for the past years. In addition to that, the last few posts of DailyMe has been pretty depressing or whatever negative emotions there is. That makes this category pretty sad, eh? I had a sincere intention of breaking that flow by writing about a wonderful thing that happened to me today. But then, I am too tired to make happy thoughts… so it will be another boring and plain one.

Let’s get into it.

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