[Daily ME #18-001] Food is love.

I just thought of it. Food is my way of love.

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[Jala Eats] Media Noche 2017

My family loves food. Everyone cooks really well… except for me. I eat well. And with that, I present to you our New Year’s Eve humble food made by mother.

~J̿L̿     #jalaness

P.S.     We had so many food, we barely finished it.

Jala Eats: The Front Yard

p_20160925_125545.jpgThe Front Yard is one of the few restaurants here in the humble town of Naic, Cavite. It receives enough attention but not as much as other restaurants here in Naic. It deserves more but that’s perfectly fine. If they receive more or something like that, customers will already crowd the place. As it is, it gives a very relaxing vibe that gives you enough breathing space after a long and tiring week.

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