[Daily ME #18-004] Turning 23

Yes, I recently turned 23 years old. How exciting is that?!
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[Daily ME #18-003] When was the last time I blogged?

Image result for gif oh wellI always ask this. And I always plan on putting something up. But, if you could notice from my previousĀ posts, that never actually does happen. If it does, it’s very seldom. But that’s okay. This blog’s main purpose in the first place is Continue reading

[Daily Me #17-008] Break juseyo.

It’s October already. In fact, it’s turning November already. In few more weeks, it will be next year already. I didn’t realize time could be that fast. Looking at my blog, I barely even put up anything when I promised to myself I’ll write something every week. My days and weeks have been repetitive for the past few months. I became busy either with work or church. My me time would only compose of me staring out the windows as I travel back home… Isn’t that kind of sad? I need some rest…