About JL Bautista

It's JL for you, 22 from Philippines. Currently doing some HR stuff. I like doing things: read mystery/detective/inspirational books, dance, surf the net, blog and spazz about KPop.

[Daily ME #18-002] When to quit?

How will you know if it’s time to quit? When are you supposed to stop? What reasons can be enough to say that one didn’t just give up so easily?

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[Daily Me #17-008] Break juseyo.

It’s October already. In fact, it’s turning November already. In few more weeks, it will be next year already. I didn’t realize time could be that fast. Looking at my blog, I barely even put up anything when I promised to myself I’ll write something every week. My days and weeks have been repetitive for the past few months. I became busy either with work or church. My me time would only compose of me staring out the windows as I travel back home… Isn’t that kind of sad? I need some rest…