This is ME!

Name: Jan Laurice Bautista
…..> for people I know from my church and elementary days : Jan
…..> for people I know from my high school days: Laurice
…..> for people I know from my college days : JL
…..> for people I know from my online activities : Jala
…..> for people I know from my work: Laura (pronounced as Lora)
…..> for the special person I would have : Iza
…..> I could also be called : Ice, Iz, Janla
Age: turning 23
Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English, Filipino, Korean (Basic)
Height: 5’0″
Weight: *will never say unless I’m thin… which I’m not.*
Civil Status: Single *and weird… OH YEAH~*

Well. Well. Enough with the basic. Let’s now move on to something… less basic. :D


about my blogging

I started my regular blogging at the 25th of April 2011 using only Blogger. I am already blogging during that time because my 3rd year high school teacher told us to have a journal/diary using Blogger. During that time, I wasn’t that good at doing stuff like this. And sometimes, I just write in a word document and not actually publish it in the site. It was actually bothersome to do so in that time because we don’t have internet connection yet at our home. So I have to go the computer shop and publish it. So instead of doing that, I just write in a document.

Going back… I tried to resume my blogging when one of our country’s former president died, Cory Aquino. And when her son won the presidency election. I tried to resume it. At the end, I only had one blog post and that is when I decided to resume and it did not happen. (And oh. We have internet connection already during this period, so it’s not that bothersome to blog.)

I successfully resumed my blogging last summer of 2011. That was when I was entering college already. I made that blog with the url of My blog title is also me + ako. But I changed it when I had this wordpress blog. I was encouraged by my friend to use a wordpress blog. I wasn’t using it before because I think it’s quite hard to understand. But now, I got used to it. Anyways… I made the wordpress blog and had the url Since it was my first time using this, I was a little bit confused so I thought of restarting it. I deleted the and made a new one with the same url. But! But wordpress doesn’t do that. At Blogger, I could delete it then make a new one that can have the same url as I had in the one I deleted. Also in tumblr. But not here in WordPress. So I have to formulate a new url. That’s when I thought… “equalsjl”. I mean, that would complete the equation. “me + ako = jl” See. So that’s how I had these stuff around. That was November of the same year.

A few years ago (2014, to exact), I stopped using Blogspot and transferred the contents as much as I could here at WordPress. Now, my blogging is now fully committed here.

Currently, I have developed this blog to have some more features. Of course, I have my  personal daily sharing at Daily ME, my Bible devotion at God’s Love, my thoughts and ideas re Korean stuff at Anything Korean and my thoughts about things at says JL. I regularly post Jala Eats at Instagram (#JalaEats) as it’s easier to post stuff like that in there.


my family

For my first family, I have an engineer father, a superb cook mother, and a fabulous sister (who’s now a mom). I have a very cute and gourmand nephew (#JamilioGabriel). Then, I have loads of uncles, aunts, cousins and nephews and nieces from them. Unfortunately, I’m not really that close to them so I could only say much with my first family. Next!


my hobbies

Obviously, one of my hobbies would be blogging. What I like about blogging is that I like sharing. With blogging, I could share all I want. Not everybody could see my blog posts and only few are really interested in it so it’s quite fine with me to reveal more. This is more like an online and public diary rather than a professional blog.


This was during the performance for our church’s Christmas party waaaaaaay back.

Another thing I like to do is dance. One of things I would take pride on would be my dancing. I’m not that great compared to others but I do have the talent. These days, I only choreograph dance performances for our church but I could do a move or two when necessary.

Next would be my addiction (Is it okay to call addiction?) to Kpop. I am definitely a Kpop fan. And I am proud of it. I’m a fan of…



group 2


They are basically the my top two bias in Kpop boy groups. As for the girls, I’ll have Kara and SNSD. Besides Kpop, I’m into Korean dramas, movies and variety shows. However these days, I can’t fully commit myself into subscribing to all of the shows that I like due to time constraints. But I still like them all.

I also like to read. Before, I like the mysterious or detective kind of novels. But recently, I’m into inspirational books or those types that make me think about my own life and how I ruined it. Or anything that is related to Psychology, since that is the course I took.


my likes

One would be my blogging, of course. Then, anything Korean as it is already obvious above. But beside that two, I like to eat. I like food in general. I don’t like to eat and eat and eat for that makes me fat which I hate but I like to taste food. Well, of course, because of the Kpop influence, I like Korean food a lot! Well… what others… ah! I like coffee, preferably cold latte. I like listening to music, too. Well, that’s it for now. More of likes if you’ll regularly read my blog, right? Or not.


Well, that’s about it. If you have anything to say or ask or tell me, feel free to visit Tell ME. Okay? See ya! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


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