[Daily ME #17-007] How is life without internet?

I’m actually at work right now and I (actually the whole office) don’t have internet connection since this morning. My work mainly involves doing things in my computer… and my email So if I don’t have internet connection, I don’t have work.

Well, I have work of course. But I have no way of doing my work without the internet connection. I have already done the things that doesn’t require an internet connection yesterday. So that leaves me with basically nothing to do. So how was it, so far?

It sucks actually. I’m the type of person who needs to be busy always. It gives me a sense of purpose… and accomplishment. So if I don’t have things to do, I feel useless. I force myself to find things to do (even non-work related) just for me to have something on my hands (which is now doing this post and my bujo). But of course, I will eventually finish it then I’ll go back to doing nothing. So it sucks.

If I’m not at work right now, I think things will be better. Icould read a book freely and that will occupy my time. I could sleep, which I badly needed. I could fix my recordings from last Sunday service. I could go to the mall and all. Multiple things, but not when I’m at work.

So, how was life without internet? Life, I could handle. But work? Nah.

[ Written: July 26, around 3pm ]

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