[Daily Me #17-006] Bullet Journal…?

Over the past few days, videos about doing bullet journals have been popping up in my YouTube Recommended videos. I was a bit curious about it. I am aware that it is a way to keep track of things but I’m not really that aware about the system. And that’s why I clicked into one of the videos and I got hooked up. Now, I’m deciding if I should do it.

Just like how I always do, let’s go back to the very start. When I was Grade 5 or 6 *not-sure*, my sister gave me this Candy Magazine Planner. I see her keep a planner so I was curious on what she does with it. In addition to the actual plans, she does keep a journal/diary in it. So that’s what I did. Years passed and I have been trying to keep that kind of style with my planner journals. But it has always been tiresome to keep. In the past, I input my daily plans, tasks or activities. Then, I write on the events/highlights of each day. This way, I could remember what happened on which days. My memory’s bad so if I don’t do it, I have a huge possibility of mixing events from different dates.

For the past few years that I have been keeping such planner journals, I was only successful in keeping a journal everyday this year. I have an entry of what happened everyday. It’s too early to talk but it is a huge achievement. By this time of the past years, I would have skipped a few days, or even months. But like I’ve said, it is tiresome. Especially now that I have longer days at work and travel, it is difficult to find time to write in my journal. I seldom have to backtrack just to remember my days. Which is not fun.

And that is very reason why bullet journal interests me. It doesn’t restrict you to have it everyday. It should be fun. If it’s not that way, you could make it fun. Yes, the fun part attracts me a lot. But having no restriction gives me a bit of apprehension. I want to write something everyday. And bujo lifts that responsibility away from me. So I’m still quite unsure about it. It is super nice, very free. But it’s more than the freedom that I want.

But just like any other thing, there are pros and cons. I will try to make a bujo within the year and see if it works for me. If not, I’ll continue with a planner journal next year but somehow incorporated with the bujo system. There are still a lot of time to decide. I’ll still have to think a lot.


Pardon if I have any wrong usage of grammar, spelling or such. Writing this one in the middle of the night and I’m feeling so sleepy. Not in my right mind to write but I want to. Okay, bye. 뿅~


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