[Daily Me #17-005] Almost 3 mos. as an HR Asst

It has been quite a while since I started working again. To be exact, it has been two days short from being three months. Before, my roles have been focused on recruitment only. But with the current role that I am, recruitment is only a part of that. I also handle compensation & benefits (payroll and stuff), training & development (a bit of it too) and employee relations (not so much but learning a bit). My manager and I will soon be dwelling into company organization and I will dig deeper in the areas that I am currently handling.

So how was the experience as a Human Resources Assistant?

Before I answer that, let me tell you how I really got to this kind of career. You see, I graduated with a degree in psychology. In the course of my college life, I found out that I am best suited with the kind of job that makes me stay in an office, rather than a hospital or wherever a psychology graduate may be. That means, I should be pursuing a career in the industrial and organizational side of psychology. When I had my first job, I was part of the recruitment. I worked in a humongous company that actually has a very established organization of everything. Hence, I can only do what my position entails me. I can find out about other things but it would be really difficult to really be part of those things. Nevertheless, I was happy on my job and I am pretty good at it. But, of course, things happen and I had to leave the company and look for a new job. In the process, I was hoping to really be a part of the whole industrial thing, which is so-called human resources. I would like to learn it as I got limited access to it from my former company. And here I am, HR Assistant. (Did that make sense? I just talked and talked typed and typed and typed.)

So back to the question. So far, I have been enjoying the job. It confirmed that this is the kind of job I fit in. I believe I have learned a lot for the past three months but I know there are more that I should be learning. I think the role is pretty close to an admin officer/assistant but that’s okay since I’m fine with both.

Challenges? My major struggle is the employee relation part. I should be the type of person who could readily interact with people (since I’m a psych graduate and all, the expectations people have) but I am not. I put up a face that says so but it is exhausting. I’m the kind of person who loves doing things by my own so doing such task is off of me. Interacting is fine, I could put up with that. But the fact that I should be caring (I’m not a caring person) and leading and instructing them is getting too much of my energy. Though I would like to dwell on it less, that isn’t the case. In fact, it is one of the major struggles my manager and I face.

Anyway, besides that, everything has been fine. It feels like it has been a year since I started doing HR but in reality, it has only been three months. We’ll see how everything goes as time pass.

P.S. Pardon if I have been babbling nonsense or such. Or if it has wrong grammar usage. Writing this one with a sleepy head. Peace out. 뿅~


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