[Daily Me #17-004] Just updating

I told myself, at the very start of the year, that the least I would write is once a week. And when was the last time I wrote something? Uhm… weeks ago. Well, with my work and all, I find it kind of difficult to have the time to think of a good content and blog about it. I do have some insights about things but they are not solid enough for me to write. But I have been feeling guilty of not putting anything up so I’m back… with not much.

What has happened to me for the past few weeks? Well, I have been quite busy with work, obviously. Since it’s a compressed schedule, I work 9.5 hours a day. Since I opted not to find a place in the area (that would tighten up my already tight budget), you have to add the time I travel everyday. Basically, I wake up at 4am and sleep at around 10:30pm the earliest. So that doesn’t really give that much option to write everyday. I could write during weekends but my mind is completely off the net at those times as in turn, I am also busy with church activities.

Anyway, that’s what has been going on with my life. I have so far experienced some challenges but have already recovered from it. I am sort of happy with having a bit of stability that my work provides. Not much rest but I am doing great.

For the next few weeks, my plan is… Let’s see. As of the moment, I don’t really have a concrete plan. I have been saving up to recover my expenses from my birthday celebration (I became 22!) so not much activities (especially, outdoors one) could be expected. I am thinking of doing exercise every Saturday morning (I had to because my cholesterol level is a bit higher than normal). I will do my best to have and write my devotions everyday, though not particularly posted here (Follow #JalaDailyDevotion at Facebook). And that’s what I have in mind for now.

Nothing really interesting as that’s how it usually is. But writing has been an outlet for me so it does help at least one person. I have to finish this so without further ado, 뿅~


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