[Daily Me #17-003] Another First Day

I have not posted that much with regards with my real life for the past years. In addition to that, the last few posts of DailyMe has been pretty depressing or whatever negative emotions there is. That makes this category pretty sad, eh? I had a sincere intention of breaking that flow by writing about a wonderful thing that happened to me today. But then, I am too tired to make happy thoughts… so it will be another boring and plain one.

Let’s get into it.


‘Done with my first day of work’ selfie.

Okay. After all those terrifying things that happened to me for the past few months, I have finally found another company. I am hired as an HR staff and today’s my first day. It was actually pretty boring since the work flow has been pretty slow. At least, in my case. I realized that such role is my type. It is full of admin works. And I hope that there would be more work for me tomorrow.

Well, I will keep it short since I am sincerely tired already. I want to go to bed asap. All I’m saying is… today’s my first day and it is indeed a happy event.

(Pardon me if something here doesn’t really make sense. I may also make a few mistakes. I am so sleepy I just type in things I remember. 뿅~)


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