[Daily ME #17-002] I can but can I not?

I am that kind of person. I can pretend that I am one thing but in reality, I am the opposite. I believe I developed it slowly as I grow up. I am a people person. Though I say I don’t need to please people, I knew that deep inside I want to. Because of that, I do things, consciously and unconsciously, that will make people “happy”. I give what they want… most of the time.

I actually just had a job interview. It is kind of different from what I got used to from my former company so I am not sure what the hiring manager really wanted to hear. Plus, the different culture (hiring manager’s a foreigner) made it more difficult for me to understand or see through him. But I answered him based on what I think he wants to hear. BUT! But in reality, I am not so sure about this job. It is heavy on innovation and that is my main weakness. Before, I thought that I failed the interview with the recruiter. I was actually relieved since I am not sure about the job. But after a few days, they called again and told me that I am for the final interview! So that’s how I came here. Though I am not so sure about the job, I still proceeded with the interview. And I don’t like being unsure about things. That’s how opposing my acts and true intentions are.

I remember another instance when was told I will be laid off. I cried before going back to our operations floor. But none of them saw that. One of my good friends even told me they didn’t know I cried. My manager even asked me how could I smile in the situation. Oh well. That’s how I am.

End: 4:16 PM


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