I never thought writing about it would be so difficult. Heck! Thinking about it is already difficult, what made me think writing about it would be any easier?

(A few hours after…)
Okay. Let’s write about my unemployment. I’m now comfortable with it… for now… but let’s only do that here. People will react too much if it’s in Facebook.

As of the 7th of December 2016, I am officially unemployed! To think of it, that was just yesterday! I am disappointed. There are still moments that I feel heart broken. After all, it’s a bad kind of ending. But it’s no use lamenting on it too much. It’s just a waste of time. Not saying that getting sad over it is bad. In fact, that’s perfectly normal. But for me, being on that state too much is not good.

I know for a certain that I’m done with being bitter. After all, I already know that this would happen. (Though I still hide items I have that has the company’s logo.) I’m already in the stage where I still hurt but I’m slowly getting over it. You know, like in break ups, still missing the guy but you know it’s done and you’ve decided to look at the tomorrow. Okay, enough comparison to love.

Right now, I’m thinking of what I really like. What do I really want to do in life? I am already 21 years old but I still don’t know that. In the process, I will get clearance from my former company. I seriously think I have a lot to process for this. Anyway… Life moves on. I have to move on too. (I just hope people don’t ask too much.)


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