Jala Eats: The Front Yard

p_20160925_125545.jpgThe Front Yard is one of the few restaurants here in the humble town of Naic, Cavite. It receives enough attention but not as much as other restaurants here in Naic. It deserves more but that’s perfectly fine. If they receive more or something like that, customers will already crowd the place. As it is, it gives a very relaxing vibe that gives you enough breathing space after a long and tiring week.

Let’s start with the location and all that.

Though it’s in hiding, The Front Yard is very accessible and easy to find. They have posters and alike that points to the place plus, you can see their sign once you turn the corner. Plus, according to my father, you can reserve some slots.

The place is super light. Enough lighting. Good music that brings you  to Italy. What else can I say? The perfect word to describe it is cozy.

And now… the moment we have all been waiting for… FOOD!!!


Mozzarella sticks. Php 100.

You will notice that dip at all the appetizers that they have. For all the appetizers that we ordered, we had that. Lol to that. Anyway, it’s a sour cream dip. Being the recipe copier that my mother is, we tried to figure what it is made of. Mayo’s definitely not Lady’s Choice but more of Best Foods… we think. LOL. Anyway, the dip is perfect for the dish.

Mozzarella sticks are awesome. Like, A-W-E-S-O-M-E. My father bit into it and it stretches! Can you imagine the love? My father would like to order more but we have other appetizers so I stopped him. But I share the same sentiments.


Onion rings. Php 65.

Onion rings. I am reminded by my sister as she loves onion rings. I’m not really into onion rings but I dig this. Outside is crispy and inside is crunchy. Onion taste is still there and it’s a delightful taste. Dipped into their sour cream and it’s perfect.


Chicken and potatoes. Finger-size breaded chicken and potatoes with rosemary. Php 150.

It didn’t enter my mind that potatoes would be fries. I’m thinking of a fusion chicken and potatoes which I got. It is the usual fries you buy in the department stores but what I like about it is it’s not dry. It seems that it’s baked and fried… or something like that. It’s not oily so I’m not sure about the fried part. We weren’t able to finish it as other dishes came already so it reached until the end of lunch. But until then, it didn’t get soggy  at all. Love it.

Anyway, the highlight of this appetizer (yup, still with appetizers) is the chicken and potato bites. I love chicken so I’m really waiting for it. It’s chicken covered by mashed potato then fried. I love it! Though you can’t really taste the potato that much, it’s still awesome. Plus, it’s not oily so I really dig this.


Meatballs linguine. Linguine pasta in meatballs tomato sauce. Php 150.

Now onto this one. The bread is good. It’s very tasteful. It’s crisp on outside yet soft inside. As for the sauce, I could say Italian. Def Italian. It has a sweet taste that reminded me of Clara Ole. LOL. And I love that there really is a meatball. I would be very disappointed if it’ll be just ground meat in the sauce. Haha!


Mescolare casa. Php 375 (whole). Php 70 (slice).

Now… onto the highlight of everything! PIZZA!!!!! We actually ordered pepperoni as my mother likes it but it wasn’t available at that time. It’s the first thing in the list and I was eyeing this one at first, so I just had this. According to their menu, it’s ground meat, white onion, bell pepper, black olives and mushrooms. There are bacon bits so plus points to you! It’s also a “fire brick pizza” so yeah. You get the thought.

Anyway, at first bite, it’s kind of salty but then it turns out well. I like dipping my pizza on catsup so it balances out. Not sure if you had the pizza without it. I love how packed the pizza is. It’s like an explosion of flavors. And the bread is awesome. We’ve brought home some since we weren’t able to finish it but until the next day, it’s still good.

Overall Rating: 9/10
Location: 8-9 / 10
Interior: 9 / 10 (They have this small step at the entrance and you may trip if you didn’t see it.)
Service: 9 / 10
Food Taste: 9 / 10
Food Price: 9 / 10 (Very affordable)

I have nothing but praise to The Front Yard. Kudos to you!

~J̿L̿     #jalaness

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