Jala Eats: Zab Burger Hub (Naic, Cavite)

Zab Burger Hub is one of latest craze at my humble town of Naic. If I remember correctly, they are the first to feature an 8-inch burger here. Plus, it is one of the very few restaurants in Naic that specializes in a specific cuisine *unlike-ehem-karenderya-fastfood-ehem*.


With le girls.

We ate at the resto August 27, 2016. I know, I know. It has been quite a while but my laziness keeps on creeping on me and I can only post about it now. But I believe that, if there’s any, changes would be very very minimal.

Okay. So we ate back then and we went there at their opening time, 2pm. Speaking of which, they are open from 2pm to 10pm, Wednesdays to Mondays… no Tuesdays (from what I remember, not sure). They are along Governor’s Drive, near San Lorenzo Hospital.

location 5.png

Though covered in trees, that box is where San Lorenzo Hospital is.

For the full details, menu and such, you may check their Facebook page here.

When we ordered, we were told that it may take quite a while before they could serve it. They said that according to the feedback they receive, it is one of their downfalls. It’s a good thing they have told this at the very start. I think it only took them 10-15 minutes which is just standard for all the restos, knowing they have to prepare legit burgers from scratch… unlike fast food chains.

So we ordered Zab’s Ultimate (Burger 8 inches flame grilled burger with fries and dips and special burger sauce served with fries). It costs Php 295.


Zab’s Ultimate. Php 295.

Okay. First things first. I had a huge expectation regarding this big burger since it is one of the things that they are proud of and was known for. But… here it goes.

They indeed have a big burger. The bun would be 8 inches in diameter. But the patty? It’s just around 7 inches. In addition, it has a slice of ham (not sure if it really is a ham but it looks like it), onions, tomatoes, lettuce, some barbecue sauce-like at the very bottom, and some mayo-mustard sauce at the top. Plus, they have very few pieces of fries I think I could count it.

Their patty is not completely on the juicy side but not on the dry side as well. I could say, it’s a so-so. Some parts are kind of burnt (lucky not on my side) but besides that, it tastes fine. It does taste like it’s been marinated and grilled. It’s not on the superb side. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I liked the burger but since I had high expectations, it became a so-so for me. The only special thing about it is it’s big.

We divided the burger into six since there’s the six of us. I though it would suffice and make us full but I was wrong. I think it would be perfect if it is divided, at the maximum, into five. If we didn’t order anything else, we wouldn’t really be full considering that we are light eaters.


Carbonara. Php 75.

As I have mentioned, we ordered other dishes. Originally, we wanted the Mac & Cheese which costs Php 65, but it seems that it was unavailable. So we got this one.

For a 75-pesos dish, it’s okay. Not bad but not superb as well. The amount is okay, the taste is okay, the appearance is okay. It is served with a toast that seems dry to me. I’m in no mood for a toast since I went there for the burger so I gave it away to one of the girls without tasting it.

As for the carbonara, it lacks something. I taste something creamy and pepper. My mom makes one of the best carbonara that I have tasted so hers is my basis. And for Zab’s carbonara, it lacks on… something umami. Maybe add on some cheese taste. If they add that, maybe the dish would be more satisfying. The pasta is the usual pasta you buy and cook from the grocery store.


Pitcher of iced tea.

Of course, we ordered some drinks. Personally, I would like some soda with my burger, specifically coke. But they don’t have any soda so we settled with iced tea. Nothing special actually. Just iced tea. And I think it’s either Lipton or Nestea.


Meaty Spaghetti. Php 65.

So I ordered for some take out for the other kids that weren’t able to join us. In addition to Zab’s Ultimate, I had two orders of their Meaty Spaghetti. It is also served with a dry toast. They have an additional charge of Php 10 for take outs.

I was actually kind of disappointed with this meaty spaghetti. I was expecting something meaty because they included it in the name. I was looking forward to maybe some meatballs. But.. yeah, this is only what I got. It’s just the typical spaghetti. I didn’t even feel the meat.

For the taste, it’s has a sweet side that seems lacking, herbs (not sure but my friend said it tastes as if there’s star anis) and spaghetti sauce from packets bought from the grocery stores.


Finished plates… almost.

Their interior is just fine. This time it’s the fine on the positive side. Though I know they get so many customers, with the kind of space that they have, the number of seats are enough. They have a Texas-feel furniture mixed with American cafe design and Filipino meddling with some it.

The only thing I could suggest for their interior is to have proper ventilation. They have fans and all that but I think they’re kitchen doesn’t. Sometimes, smoke would go in the area and it hurts the eyes. Our table was actually very near and opposite the door to the kitchen and whenever someone would go in or out, smoke would go to us. So it’s something worth taking note of.


The door’s just beside the counter. So we’re like opposite it.

Overall Rating:
Location: 9 / 10 (Very accessible. Just not so sure with parking.)
Interior: 8 / 10 (Small space but enough.)
Service: 8 / 10 (They’re kind and all that. You just can’t distinguish who’s who – waiter, manager, just friends, visitors, kitchen person, etc.)
Food Taste: 6-7 / 10
Food Price: 7-9 / 10 (Some are too pricey, some are so-so.)


  • Just like I mentioned above, ventilation.
  • Uniforms, maybe. So customers may know who’s who when they need to have more orders or stuff. It’s confusing sometimes.
  • Adding ‘Extra Fries‘ to the menu.
  • Adding softdrinks to their list of drinks. *ehem-coke-ehem*


  • Poster suggestions.
    • Whos hungry –> Who’s hungry (I would say ‘?’ but I get the point of not putting it.)
    • Eat on your own risk –> Eat at your own risk

The restaurant is quite new. Plus, it is one of the firsts. So, I know it has lots of areas they can improve on and be greater in the future. Rock on, Zab Burger Hub!

~J̿L̿     #jalaness

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