KMovie: Mood of the Day

I just finished watching Mood of the Day and it feels… pink.  It’s like everywhere I look, I see hearts floating around.


(WARNING! Might contain some spoilers.)

The movie started with Bae Soojung (Moon Chaewon) as the typical workaholic woman of the society. Then there’s this handsome gent Kim Jaehyun (Yoo Yunseok) being a cool manager and a ladies’ man. Their interaction happened when they were seated beside each other on the way to Busan. Then they became zombies just like the rest of the people in the train. *ehem-TraintoBusan-ehem*

To avoid spilling things I shouldn’t, I’ll just talk about my reaction to the movie. I really want to say something really useful but all I’m feeling is pink. Seriously. Having finished the movie, I just feel love that it makes me so envious at how they could end up like that. *ehem-single-ehem*

Okay. At first, I would say it’s brown. I think I could relate to the workaholic and affected by other’s opinions Bae Soojung. It feels dull, dry, sad. Then they had this train ride, it turned yellow. Kim Jaehyun flirting Bae is just sleek! It feels gooey yet smooth, as if it slowly creeps through you. Without you knowing, you are already under his spells. Then pink-red when they started to flirt with each other. When they had the down time, it feels bloody red as if your heart is pierced and your blood just keeps on flowing from it… mixed with some tears. But then it became white! They became true to their selves. It’s feels hope, as if nothing can stop you. Then it as if someone threw hearts everywhere and now it feels pink.

It just feels so delightful and loving. Thinking about it again and again, it makes me happy and lonely at the same time. I’m happy about them but how about me?! lol

~J̿L̿     #jalaness

HanCinema (posters)

P.S. You might think the colors and all that are crazy and it’s not a clear of a description. I apologize. I haven’t slept since yesterday. And now, off to dreamland. 뿅~


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