Jala Eats: Nadai Fujisoba (SM Aura, Taguig City)

I have been craving for some Japanese curry for a month already and found a place where I could eat affordable Currydon around Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (since I work there). And that is at Nadai Fujisoba!


Lunch at Nadai Fujisoba with my best friend.

There are two branches of Nadai Fujisoba in BGC, Taguig. One is at the High Street and the other at SM Aura (where we ate). My friend were originally planning to eat at High Street but we had last minute change of plans. Hence, this.


Currydon as part of the Teisyoku Set. Php 250 per set.

The curry is the main purpose of my visit to Nadai. This bowl of currydon only has the sauce and bits of potatoes and carrots. No meat since it’s part of the a set I’ve ordered. The moment I tasted it, I’m not disappointed. It’s a small bowl, though, but enough for me already since I’m a small eater already.


Mori Soba as part of Teisyoku Set. Php 250 per set.

Included in the set is the noodles. You are given a choice of soba or udon, hot or cold. I’m a huge fan of noodles that’s why I was encouraged to order the set instead of having the currydon only. My friend ordered a hot one so I ordered the cold one. She likes the udon so I get the soba. So yes, cold soba nooodles. It is dipped into this light sauce that tastes like Japanese soy sauce, wasabi, sugar and water. Somewhere on those tastes. The thing is… it is not what I was expecting. It’s not that I didn’t like it but if I was given another chance to eat there, I’ll just go for the currydon. The hot one, you say? It tastes the same, just hot. Hot vs cold? Cold. The taste is more tolerable for the cold noodles.

Anyway, I have learned my lesson. For the noodles, not a fan of it but there may be people who would be. The rice bowls, thumbs up. Def satisfied.

~J̿L̿     #jalaness

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