Le sis is married

Today, my sister got married. She is no longer a Ms. Bautista but already a Ms. Andres. I am genuinely happy for her. I am glad that, after all this time, she was able to find someone she can spend her life with.IMG_20160828_190231[1].jpgDuring the wedding, my eyes got teary. Starting today, in a formalized manner, I won’t have the right to claim all my sister’s attention. LOL, not that I’m claiming it. It’s just that before, if I ask my sis something, I felt that she would be all out on me. But now, I don’t have that same feeling anymore though I know that she’ll always be all out. I have to consider that she belongs to her husband and child… as well. So I can’t claim it all.

I think this is what parents feel when they walk their daughter on the isle. You are sad that you won’t have the daughter for yourself only but you are also happy because she’s happy.

Anyway, I am happy for my sis. I hope the best in her married life.

P.S. Sister, if ever you are reading this, please tell bro-in-law that if in any way he’ll go bad on you, I’ll destroy him… online. LOL. Peace out! :D


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