(Some/No)one Beside Me

Alone and tired but what can I do
That is a fact that I can’t undo
I only have the thoughts of you
Sitting beside me with a tender look

Side by side, your hands on mine
Telling me some cheesy lines
And here I am, weak but with a smile
‘Cause I fancy such and I can’t hide

Done with stories, we stopped talking
Because sometimes, silence is comforting
I close my eyes, sleep approaching
But in your shoulders I’ll be leaning

Then I had a dream but it’s so clear
So clear that I began to fear
Looked around, people stir
Everyone did except for my dear

My dear who’s now just a vision
In a second I had the realization
That all this is my imagination
And all I am, a being of depression

Hey~ I just thought of this topic while I was traveling home earlier. I thought it is nice enough for me to ignore my laziness and make this. Though I would really like to have someone I can lean on during those times, I’m not that depressed about it. I just lingered on that thought deeper and had this. So… it’s not coming anywhere. Just a random thing. #defensive


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