Meant to Be

Due to some circumstances (especially my laziness), I have not posted this very significant event in my life. But I believe that it is never too late to have a piece of good news… unless it will be overpowered by a bad one. But that is not the case here so I will still give credit for this wonderful news. Heads up, though. It involves, not my love life, but my employment and it is…

To avoid confusion, let’s start at the very beginning. Right after I took my board exam, I applied for various companies. Someone invited me for an interview and I went. Surprisingly, it is an agency. Surprisingly (again), they are endorsing me to different companies in a different position than the HR position that I applied to. They say that it is the easiest way to be in the company and then we can just apply for our desired positions later on. Since I am very kind of gullible, I pushed through with the interviews. One of the companies I am endorsed to is my current company (now referred as Company). But by the end of the day, I woke up from the trance and cancelled all of it.

The next day, I reviewed my applications and took a mental note to check each company’s background thoroughly. Now, later that day, I received a call from an agency (now referred as Agency), saying they found my profile in Jobstreet and asking if I would be interested for an HR role. Hearing that it is for an HR post, I immediately said yes. I had the interview with them over the phone. They said that the opening is urgent so they would like to endorse me for the final interview… immediately… over the phone again. So I went for it. My mindset was I am not in the position to say no since I need a job. So I had the final interview. After a few minutes, my contact person in the agency called again saying I got the job! All of this happened in around five to six hours.

My thoughts was this. I was endorsed to the Company the day before. I was scheduled for a face to face interview two days after the endorsement. But I cancelled. But then, no less than a day passed, I got a call from the Agency also endorsing me to the Company but in my desired role already. Maybe, God is really putting in the Company. Maybe, I was really meant to be there.

So I started there August last year. My contract is only for three months but I got extended… until my manager broke a bad news to me. They are ending my contract on my sixth month. Not only me but also other employees under my Agency. There were only selected employees who will get another extension. But then, one of those employees quits. Because of this, I got the chance for another extension. My thought was… maybe, I was really meant to be there.

In my ninth month, they had an opening for a regular post. I have always wanted to be regularized, especially with what happened three months before. I had the interviews and all that. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. But it’s perfectly fine since my friend got it. My thoughts was… maybe, I was meant to be here only until my contract ends.

But then, they had another opening. This time, for a different function but it is under HR as well. Instead of Filipino applicants, we’ll handle American ones. It is a good chance so I applied for it. I had all the interviews the same week they told us we can apply. I applied Tuesday, got the interviews on Thursday and Friday. Monday the next week, I got the result. I got the job!!! That same week, I signed the contract. I was really surprised with everything. I am now part of the Company. My thoughts was… maybe, I was really meant to be there.

And tomorrow, it will be my first day at my Company. I don’t know. It seems that God has been placing me here in this Company. I think I do have a purpose here but I don’t know what. Whatever it is, I’ll trust Him. Whatever happens, it is for His glory. Glory be to God!


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