Project Based No More

Six month ago, I was actually not fully aware of the existence of a ‘project based employee‘. But since I started working, I became aware of it… because I am one! I started as a project based employee 19th of August 2015. But I’m not project based anymore. Oh no more.

Because six months had passed already and I am still in this company, I am already regularized! Woohooo~~~ I’m a full time employee of my agency already. Now I’m aiming to really be a part of the company I’m assigned at.

You may ask, what’s the difference? Well, I can have paid leaves already. And… I’m not sure anymore. Haha! That’s the only thing that enters my mind. No raise in pay and such. Well, it’s actually fine. I’m not aiming for that one. I actually like my job. I like working. Does that sound weird? Oh well.


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