As UNeventful as it can be.

So what happened today? Today is… There is… I did… I actually can’t think of anything. Like always, it’s just a routine. It is as plain as it is.

Let’s see. What did haopen today? I arrived the office too early, as usual for Mondays as I go with my father who leaves at 5am. I was so sleepy because I slept at 3am. Well, before that, I roamed around our area purely because I don’t want to get to office too early (which I still am). I went to some stores that are open as early as 7am. I received a text message from my mother thanking me for the phone I bought her. Then I went to office and started working though my shift haven’t started yet. I met my sis to get the cake that my workmate ordered and had lunch. Right after, my team had a meeting. Worked a little. Another meeting, for the whole team this time. Worked some more. Talked to my friends. Ate the pizza my mother packed for me. Roamed the mall. Went home. Ate (unhealthy) dinner. Slept. Then, that’s it.

See! Nothing really special happened! I am really disappointed at days like this. This is the type I easily forget. Oh well. As we always say in the team, “Di araw araw Pasko“.


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