First day of the year.

January 1, 2016. A new year, a new day. Shall we blog daily again? Like before? Let’s see.

Hi. I’m actually not sure on what to put in here. I’m writing this in rush because it’s already 11:42PM as I am writing this and I have no idea what I should be writing. Hmmm… let’s see. What happened today?

Today, we went to City of Dreams. We are staying here until tomorrow evening but I would have to leave by afternoon. I have some appointment to go to. Going back, it is so nice here! SUPERB! Among all the hotels that my father brought us (it’s quite many as he’s been working for hotels since I don’t actually know when), this was the most extravagant… BONGGA MUCH! This is one of the many times that I don’t want to stay that long because I’m feeling small. The staff were even gorgeous!

Anyway, that’s the major happening for today. Placing it here just for me to mark it and not forget it. Well then…

Tomorrow is another day and I shall be better than how I am today. Ciao!


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