Frustrations of an achiever achieving nothing.

Just venting out. Please don’t mind.

It’s frustrating. Painfully frustrating. I hate it when I am assigned a job and I can’t even achieve half of what I should be achieving. Is this normal because it’s just my second day of doing the task (technically it’s a day and a half)?! I don’t know!!! But I definitely feel it’s not enough. I don’t feel good. Did I make the right choice by getting this job? Or is this just a test for me? If it’s a test, then it’s one heck of a test! Just imagine an exam in school. It’s a so-so exam: not so difficult, not so easy. Then most pass the exam like a 90-something grade. Very few got 70 – 80. And you? 20 – 30 grade. Imagine that. It hurts. IT HURTS!!! It’s a very nasty feeling.

[Written at Aug 26, 7:15pm]

If God is for us, who can be against us?

– Romans 8:31

No! Nothing! I can do this! MY GOD CAN DO THIS!

[Added at Aug 26, 8:42pm]


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