First Day of my First Job Experience

So, right. Today is my first day… at my first job. This is too much of a nerve-racking exciting new experiece for me and it’ll be too much of a waste if I don’t blog it.

[4:51 AM] My mother’s rushing me again. I hate that, you know? I hate being rushed. I can handle other rushing but not the one during the morning, or before I leave the house to whereever. I am a female! You cannot rush a female, especially the ones of today, whenever they’ll be leaving. They have their rituals and rushing them ruins it! And ruining the rituals ruins their day! Okay?! NO RUSHING!!!

[4:57 AM] Come on! I’m freakishly nervous. Do not scold me okay?! I may not look like it but I’m crumbling here.

[5:01 AM] *Tak tak tak tak* My heels. That’s the sound of my heels as I walk. It’s suprisingly calming. I remember one of Buzzfeed’s posts about things that satisfy females and the sound of their shoes on the floor as they walk is one of them. It’s still dark and my father and I are the only one on the street. I try to walk slowly so that my heels won’t make that much sound but there’s not much of a difference. But it’s a good thing. For a while, my nerves calmed down.

[5:16 AM] OM- I’m nervous again. How do I get there again? Darn it. I’ll know when I get there. *Bahala na si Batman*

[7:16 AM] Oh yes. My first location is near already and I’m early. I still have time to get lost. So where should I go? Right. Google Maps. Okay. Rock on Google Maps! Good job!

[7:32 AM] It’s still too early. I’ll wait at the Ministop on the ground floor first. By 8, I’ll go up. Miss T told me she’ll be there by 8. Should I still tell the guard I’m going in? Nah! He’ll list me as visitor  again. I’m not. I’m an employee already. *winks*

[7:48 AM] Reading on The Gift (Witch and Wizard Series, Book #2) by James Patterson. I like this. I should go back to reading books.

[8:36 AM] Done with my first location. The front desk told me I’m still early for my 10:30 AM start at my second location. Miss, I don’t think so. I still have to get lost. That’ll take time.

[9:58 AM] Well, I’m not really lost. I just took too much time of observing my surroundings and confirming that I’m doing the right thing. Yup. Almost 10. Tsk! I should be there at 10:30. Let’s just think that I arrived at my first location arpund 9:30. That’s actually the time Miss T told me to come. Let’s just say I did arrived there around that time and I just got here just right. And oh! Let me just acknowledge the ticketing system here at the BGC terminal here in Ayala. This is the same ticketing system I thought of for the jeepney terminal at Naic. Oha! Great minds think alike! Jk! Haha!

[10:26 AM] OMG! I’m almost on time. But I still have to get lost. Where is that building?! Is it right there? Let’s just walk. Wait. Where is this?! Google Maps!!! Oh! It’s that street. Why can’t I just look at Google Maps in the first place?! Walking. Walking. Walking. Shoot. It’s 10:31 AM already. I’ll not run! Walk with poise. With poise. Oh there it is! So where’s the entrance? Darn it! Why is it so far? Jk! It’s near. Haha! Okay, I’m minutes late. Let’s practice what I’ll say. “Sorry sir! I kind of got lost.” Nvm. Ok. Entering the building. What?! Not expecting from my company?! No way! Call! I have to call! Okay. I don’t have enough load. Ask for load. Parents to the rescue! Okay! Called. Okay. So it’s Miss G I should look for. Why didn’t I ask when I was still at my first location?! Well, I thought they’re expecting me. Nvm. No blaming. It’s my fault, fine. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for Miss G.

[12:26 PM] Miss G‘s not yet back. She told me to wait. Let’s wait. She said I have to sit out for a step in the induction. So maybe this is the me stepping out. She’ll call me. She asked for my number. Okay. Why are you so timid, JL?! Why?! Gah! I’m kind of hungry. We can’t eat here. “EATING IS NOT ALLOWED” is what’s posted in the wall. Let’s just have candy. Just candy, okay?! I want to go the restroom. I have to tidy up. Where’s the restroom? No restroom? Okay. Fine. Let’s just… wait… quitely.

[12:51 PM] Okay. Miss G‘s back. Where are we going? Oh. Okay. The other door. Okay. What’s this?! What’s this world?! Lol! Jk! So we entered this room. Seminar like. Training like. Fun. Especially the guys accent. Not Filipino English. Oh I see. Australian. I see. Cool. Miss G told me to step out for the lecture for Compensation and Benefits. I am doing that now.

[1:42 PM] I’m at their canteen. My eyes feels heavy. I want to sleep. I just slept for 4 hours because my mind’s freaking out yesterday. I’m noy yet eating. I’m not hungry anymore. I’m sure I’ll be hungry at the wrong time later. There were men eating the table beside me. I feel like I look like a poor kid nothing better to do but to type at her phone. I’m blogging guys! Nvm. Let’s just wait for the time. I should be back at 2:20. I forgot to sync my time to the clock inside. Darn it.

[2:08 PM] Woah. I just discovered that all the drinks in the vending machine here are free!!! Like, om- I want to get one. I really would like to have a coke. You know, to hyper myself up. But nah. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine… *Looks at my inner self* You’re fine, right?

[3:02 PM] Break, again, for me. I’ll get one of those drinks. Bwaha! I wonder what time will this end. Oh yes! Got my coke! Bwaha!

[7:42 PM] Still here. Oh there’s Mister V! I know his voice! He is the one who interviewed me! Wow! Huh? Miss P, the one hosting this induction, called unto my table. Picture taking? I’m not ready!!!! Whatever! Just take picture! My ID pictures are always no good. Haha! Anyway, I’ll just be here until mid-November. I just have to think about it until that time. But I won’t mind if they extend. Yeah? “Jan Bautista?” I heard my name. On instict, I raise my hand. Oh. It’s Mister V who called me. What? Outside? Personal talk? Oh sure. Haha! Well, it’s nothing. Just informing me about stuff. I’m actually surprised he talked to me personally. Oh hey, BOSS!  Haha!

[7:58 PM] Finally!!! It’s done! Time to go home! I’m fine with this time only if I was informed. I’m not, you know? I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t know how to go home. *Bahala na si Batman*

[8:50 PM] Finally! Finally! I’m on a bus! I wasted my time waiting for a bus when I should’ve bought a ticket first. My fault, obviously. What time will I be able to reach home?! I wish there won’t be much traffic jam. Leggo!

[9:52 PM] My mother asked me if I’m hungry. And woah! I’m not! Haha! I survived my day with only few pieces of Polo mint candy and three pieces of Quaker oatmeal cookies. Cool. I’m definitely getting thin here! Haha! Oh! I had coke. Anyway, that is not healthy. Do not do that guys! Haha!

[10:23 PM] Tanza already. I’m sleepy. I’m tired. I have to report by 9 tomorrow. I was late today based on my log in time. I should not be tomorrow. Then I have to go to work at Friday, too. Holiday. Although I’m fine with that, I actually have a plan on Friday for church activity. But, I don’t know. Whatever. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to think about it right now.

[Few minutes before 11 PM] Home. Finally. Finally.

Okay. So the first day is done. Not much eh. I think the first day feels will still overflow tomorrow. Not sure. Let’s just hope for the better. So yeah. Bye. *Collapsed on bed.*

Oh! And here’s a stressed selfie to celebrate the end of my first day! Sareh~



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