What do I blog about?!

This question pops into my mind as I scan over posts in WordPress about psychology. Most of the blogs I find have a central theme: food, literature, travel, fashion, music, art, psychology, etc. But what’s mine? What does this blog really talk about? Well, basically, it’s me and ako. But heck!


Before I started everything here in WordPress (because I already started blogging at Blogger), I read this article about starting a blog in WordPress. I went through it as I don’t have any idea about this site during that time and I find WordPress difficult to understand. I remember it mentioning that I should choose a particular topic or area to blog as that would gain me readers. It made me think, during that time, if I would change the things I talked about when I started in Blogger and just focus on a particular topic or remain the same. The problem is I can’t really think of a particular topic. I mean, I already write about K-pop that time but it’s not really a regular thing. And writing that took too much of my time. So I don’t really want to focus on that. So what else can I talk about? Since I can’t think of any that time, I continued how I did in Blogger, blogging about my daily self.

I find this kind of blogging very fitting to me. I’m not that people person during that time so it’s only me most of the time. Plus, doing such made me realize so many things about my self. I learned that I am this or that or I could be this or that. It’s not only myself that I’ve thought about but also about oher people and life. Since I wanted to blog something, I kept thinking and thinking about things that it became natural to me already without even the need to be motivated by blogging.

So answering my former question, I am blogging about myself. And my realizations. And my interests *ehem-Kpop-ehem*. And my experiences. And some more stuff that is about me. More or less, this blog is kind of like an online diary for me that I am very much fine to share to other people. Yup. That’s it. That’s what I blog about. I don’t think it’s being a narcissist just very slight. I want people who read my posts realize something. Or if they don’t, maybe just be entertained. Whatever. It’s just what I’m good at, talking about myself (I don’t like talking about other people. It feels like gossiping to me.). So yeah. Rock and roll to the world!!!



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