Sundays are for church.

Well, I’m not saying that it is only Sunday that is for church. Everyday should glorify the Lord. It’s just that at least every Sunday, I shall be at church. I shall be praising the Lord. I shall be listening to my pastor. I shall be reminded!

When you grow up at a Christian family, at least once a week, you’ll be at church. And in that day, you would always go to a class, as if on a school but the difference is that you study the Bible instead of Math, English, Science or something like that. And I grew up like that. Every Sunday would be going-to-church day. It is like a “routine” already. Every Sunday morning, I have to wake up early and prepare to go to church like a routine, as if I have no say about it but to do it. I even wondered and wished I could be absent and just show up the next week. I thought nothing would change if I was absent for just a day. I was like that WHEN I WAS A KID. Of course, I went to Sunday school service and knew of Bible stories. But I guess, since I was a kid, I don’t really grasp the deeper meaning of those stories. They were just another subject that I want to be great at. But as I age (not that I age too much, just around 10 years), I’m not just growing physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Bible stories weren’t just stories anymore. They are lessons, messages that carry the love of God. And I somehow understand. And it feels really really nice. But, you know, the more you go to His side, the more the devil lure you to his side. He keeps on putting so many temptations that keeps us from praising God, reading the Bible, praying. As for me not to be tempted, I make Sundays my reminder.

Of course, it shouldn’t just be Sundays that we praise the Lord or read the Bible or pray. We should do that everyday, every second. But Sundays are different, at least for me. There is quite a difference with how I interpret His message and how my pastor interprets His message. It’s like, when I do it, it’s all nice (which is I believe is true). But when my pastor does it, it is teaching. It’s like I can be wrong, which is also very true. This part is the part that reminds me of things. It’s a reminder saying, “Hey! Be careful. You may commit mistakes, too, you know. So be careful not to.” That kind of reminder. And not having that kind of reminder makes me forget. And when I forget, my worldly mind do its job of making me feel it’s okay to do whatever I want to do (which is definitely not okay).

So yes. I have to have that Sunday. Something feels missing when I don’t have my regular Sundays. 😄

(Side note. It is really funny. And amazing. The topic of my pastor’s sermon today is just a continuatuon last week. I wasn’t able to listen last week because I am in my review class. [Hence, I really miss it. My week feels it lack something.] So having it continued today is amazing. And please note that I wrote the post around 4am today and just posted now. So this realization is before I listened to the sermon. Only the side note is written after the service. So what’s the topic?

Why Christians go to church?

Amazing. 😆)


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