A Letter to my Sis

Hello my beautiful wonderful sis!

I’m not really hiding anything from you so my posts would definitely show up in your newsfeed. I’m just not sure if you’ll notice it. Haha!

Anyway, just like my letter to Mama, I would like to greet you a BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I really really really really love you. Although saying that personally would be very difficult, please know that I really do. You are the very first person that I could admit that I love. (Taray!) You could say that I kind of idolized you. I would always follow what you did or say. You had the greatest influence in my opinions, until now. So yeah.

Thank you for being born as my sister. Thank you for doing things for me. Thank you for being so loving and caring and all that stuff. You are the greatest sis I could ever have. Mwah mwah! 😘

~Your mala-Koreanang kapatid

PS. I know you’re a grammar nazi so if ever you find any mistake, kindly ignore, just for now. And if ever you’ve read this before we meet for the birthday celebration, please act as if you haven’t. I’m… kind of… shy. Thanks.😐


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