Unemployed :(

This is one of the things I hoped not to happen. Before the start of the year, when I don’t know yet of the psychometrician board exam being on July already, I was planning to start working once I graduated. Like, by the time I graduate, in the next few days or week, I would go and have a job already and not be idle at home. But, as I’ve said in one of my posts before, unexpected things happen. The psychometrician board exam is already in July so I have to review for it first and really focus on it. So the plan to find and have a job by the time I graduated is delayed. Thus, I don’t have a freaking job. I’m UNEMPLOYED!!!

And that is what I hate about it. The reason that I wanted to have a job immediately is because I don’t want my parents, specifically my mother, to say anything about me being idle or not doing anything and stuff. That is the main reason. But also, I don’t really like being idle too. I’m actually feeling useless these days. I like having that responsibility. I’m somehow that type of person. Yeah. Just sharing.


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