Marriage is No Joke

I bet you know that already. But some just need to be slapped in their face with this fact. It’s right in front of their faces but they’re just so immersed in their love fantasy. No, I’m not feeling bitter for those people who find happiness in love. I actually want one. But marrying someone when you don’t know and can’t provide a part for that marriage, it’s just foolishness.

There was a TV series that I saw this morning and it really made me think of posting this fact. The story is that the rich girl fell in love with a quite poor guy and then they married and the girl doesn’t have a slightest idea what she is doing. She’s messing up big time. I’m not saying that the girl shouldn’t marry the guy just because he is poor. I’m saying that the girl shouldn’t marry YET because she is so not prepared. She doesn’t know anything about being a wife. She doesn’t even know how to make a coffee without a coffee machine. I’m not hating the story or the writers, okay? I’m hating the character. But I guess that is necessary for the story.

Anyways, back to the topic. Marriage is not a joke. Fine! Marry because you love the person but assure yourself that both of you will survive well throughout the marriage. Don’t go to a war that you’ll know you’ll lose. If you marry and you can’t support the family, then that is recklessness. You’re putting yourself on the edge of the cliff. Both of you will ‘die‘ just because of that hastiness. If both of you knows that you love each other, wait and persevere until you know you can make the family stand. Oh and that you know how to do your part in the family. I’m not married yet but I know that these things are important. Marriage is fun but it is also risky and difficult. Oh I so disapprove those people who rush into marriage as if there’s no tomorrow.

~J̿L̿     #jalaness


2 thoughts on “Marriage is No Joke

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