It’s all about the great I.

From the past posts that I have, it could be very obvious that all I am talking about is myself. It is the great I and always the I. I know that it is pretty much because of my introversion but it’s making me think. I want some audiences but who wants to read about Jan Laurice Bautista? Very very very very few. Like only one, myself? Yeah.

Most audience filled blogs were about other people and not about themselves. If it is, them being themselves helps other people. That is why readers go to them. It has benefits to them. What benefit would you get from my rants? I think, none? I don’t know. I’m definitely picking up something because it’s mine. But other people picking something out of my blog? Maybe for my Anything Korean part but in others, I don’t think so.

It’s not just because of my blog’s stats that I’m bothered. I’m pretty much self-centered. Most of the time, I think of me. But the thing is, as a future psychologist, I can’t always be thinking about me. I have to think of others. And that’s another reason why I’m bothered. With this type of personality, can I do it? Can I really be a qualified psychologist in the future?

But the thing is, I love how introvert I am. I like how I could think about this stuff. I like how my thoughts would go on and on and on. I like being alone, most of the time. I like being immersed in stories and books and stuff like that. I like doing this blog about myself. I like doing school works instead of going out. I like how I am closed up in my space just thinking about the great thoughts. I LIKE HOW I AM. Well, except for being fat. I even remembered that one time, as a kid, I vowed that I’ll never ever do surgery in my body unless it is necessary. I am fine with how I look. Although I’m not that pretty and maybe my parents and very few friends think that I am pretty, I like how I look. I like my not so defined nose. I like my shabby eyebrows. I fine with my cheeks filled with pimple scars. I some times even like my fats.

The point is, thinking about the great I is not so bad. I think it is good to know yourself. I think it is good to explore things within yourself. I think it is good to love everything about yourself despite being lacking in all aspects. Love yourself. Embrace who you are. That is the point of the great I.

But yeah. Beware of being narcissistic and stuff. Yeah.

~J̿L̿     #jalaness


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