It’s not about the money, money, money… It is, it is, it is!

…We just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag~ Sorry. I just got carried away with the song. I think I have a post about money and it has almost the same title but I think that is in my DailyME so I’m having one for saysJL. Yeah.

Recently (just a few hours ago), I’ve posted in saysJL about a journal that our class had discussed the last time. That is about how the parenting and attachment styles of an individual when he is young affect the romantic relationship when they are a young adult. However this time, I’ll be sharing how money can bring happiness in life. 

If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right
by: Elizabeth W. Dunn, Daniel T. Gilbert, and Timothy D. Wilson

This research proposes eight principles for the consumers to attain happiness from their money. These are (1) buy experiences instead of things; (2) help others instead of yourself; (3) buy many small pleasures instead of few big ones; (4) buy less insurance; (5) pay now and consume later; (6) think about what you’re not thinking about; (7) beware of comparison shopping; and (8) follow the herd instead of your head.

I have always believed that there are ultimate sources of happiness in life and money would be somewhere at the last of the list. But I also believed that without money, one can’t go on with life. Although possible, it would be very difficult. One should be able to lend the right amount of money to the right things or whatever it is to achieve the right happiness. So when I read the title of the journal, I had totally agreed with it.

I’m quite sensitive when it comes to money. It is business for me and I take it seriously. So this journal really had an impact with me. Before, I always wished that I would be really rich. It is not the thought of having money that made me do so. It is the thought that I would be able to do things from that money. But with this journal, it made me think and realize that I should be contented with what I have. Instead of being dissatisfied, I should look into what I could do with my money that would make me really happy. There are so many possibilities that would give me the same happiness as I could have with a larger amount of money. As the famous quotation said, “It is the thought that counts.”

~J̿L̿     #jalaness


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