The Can’t-Live-Without-Electricity Generation

Not really “can’t live”. More of… this generation has a mighty need for electricity… and wi-fi.

For the past five days, a storm came in the Philippines and it was named Glenda. Well, Glenda didn’t really poured that much rain compared to other storms but it had a heck of a strong wind. Like yeah~

Because of that strong wind, there were pretty much damage… everywhere. It would be very evident for trees as some doesn’t have its leaves anymore, some has broken branches and some even lies down. But that really isn’t much of a concern of the people around here. Their main concern is… electricity.

Since the storm came in the Philippines, Tuesday I think, lights went out and ta-dah! No more electricity. Well, it would be fine if it lasted few hours or a day but five days? This generation had a very difficult time throughout those days. Mobile phones are low in battery. Difficult water supply as it is electricity generated too. Some days were quite hot. And most especially, no wi-fi.

Everyone I know, and of course also me, have been craving to have electricity at home. I would charge every gadget I could. I would do my thesis. I would do my projects. I would review things for my examination. It is just so hard not having electricity at all. Boredom strikes always. And since it’s kind of dark and you could do nothing else but space off, sleep or eat! And at those point in my academic life, I should really doing something else. But I can’t. Because everything I need to do requires the electricity AND the wi-fi connection.

Because of those instances, I have thought that my generation has been so dependent on electricity, technology. That type where everything’s done in that way and doing otherwise would be detrimental to them. Yeah. Something like that. Just came to that realization. Yeah.



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