The “True” Jan Laurice B. Bautista

Well, before, I’ve always argued that no one knows the real me, even myself. I think I could change that argument now. Some people know me, just not wholly. I know me, just not wholly. But I think I know more than they do. After all, it is me, right?

How (I think) other knows me:

  • soooooo into KPop (Very correct)
  • randomly speaks Korean (will explain later)
  • smart (would accept that)
  • jolly (not… really… but yeah)
  • responsible (would accept it)
  • study freak aka studious
  • nice (uuuuuhh…)

How I view myself:

  • smart (:D)
  • jolly in front of other people
  • weird by myself
  • smart (yeah~ I’m praising myself)
  • likes to express myself in Korean but can’t because lack of knowledge in the language (explanation for the second point above)
  • KPop (Well, Boyfriend to be exact) addict
  • nice

How I wanted myself to be:

  • WEIRD (whoooooo!!! yes to the weird! :D)
  • studious (not nerd. just studious.)
  • quiet (Yeah. I just want to be the person who does not speak. But I think my weirdness has taken control of me that I talk and talk and talk… most of the time)
  • mean (Really. In my mind, I do mean things like talking back to people. And that’s the meanest thing I did. So I’m not really that mean but quite mean)
  • hot (Who doesn’t want to be the hot stuff?)
  • smart
  • simple (but then I want to be weird… and hot. so maybe I’ll be simply weirdly hot. O.o)

So yeah. I do things in my third list if I have the chance. But yeah. I can’t be everything that. So I become what’s in my second list. So yeah. That’s me. I think.



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