I’m very talkative… online.

I am. Really. Like really.

It would be common for me to hear from my new friends that I’m very talkative online yet I’m quiet in personal. To my old friends, I talk more. But compared to the amount of what I say online, it is very little. Like far little? Yeah.

This blog can be an example. Most of the times I just type and type and type whatever is in my mind. I just go on talking and talking in here. I also tweet and tweet and tweet. I could say I’m far more talkative when it’s online. I don’t know why but that is very fine with me.

I actually would really like to stay quiet in actual cases. Whenever my friends are talking, there are times that I just listen and I enjoy it better than talking with them. But I know that I have so many thoughts. Yes, indeed. I have a lot of thoughts. I think my mind is active when it comes to things. My mind just flies off and it gives me thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. But since I prefer being a listener than a talker, it stays as a thought only. But typing doesn’t requires talking. It just needs my mind and a fast typing abilities, which I kind of have but not that fast. Just fast enough to catch up with my thoughts. As a result, I type and type and type my thoughts. Thus, the very active online me. Yeah.

And I very much enjoy it. Like really. If I could just type everything, I would. Like, I’m better in expressing things out in this way.



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