Genesis 7 : Wiped Out Except For Noah

Woah… Like woah… Woah. (O.O)

I’ve just read Genesis 6 and continued here in Genesis 7 with the thought “God regretted it” still lingering in my mind and I… can’t… Gosh! My feels!

You see, I’m not great of a person. Really, I am not. I’m kind and all that and I really want to be all good but yeah, I sin. And everyone else does. And imagine, if we were in that time, I think I’m really not that great to be really favored by God just like how Noah did. I would be included in the wipe out and everything. I would be washed away by the great waters and would be gone just like everyone else. It’s just… making me realize that… I’m not great. Really. Not. Great. I mean, I’m a Born-Again Christian but that does not make me that great. Yeah, I’m great because God has included me in His family. But I sin and there are really lot of faults in me and I’m not that great. Gosh. I’m blubbering right now. Okay. I’ll make points. Well, two points.

First point. It was Noah, his sons, his wife and his sons’ wives. They are the only one saved. Only them. No one else did. If you were in there, would you be qualified to be in the ark? Well, I don’t think I am. Are we in the favor of God? Are you? Am I?

Second point. God will guide you. Here is the thing. Yes. We are not that great. I am not that great. But God will be there. As how God commanded Noah what to do, God will also tell us what to do. God, through the Bible, will tell us how to be “in the favor of God”.


Well. That’s that simple. Gosh. Why did I blubber uselessly earlier? Anyway…

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