Genesis 3 : The Fall

As I read chapter 3 of Genesis, all that comes to my mind is… we blame others for the wrongdoings we have done. We do something wrong, we blame whatever and whoever as long as it is not you. Your grades in school isn’t good, you blame the teacher. Your work was a failure, you blame your office mates/environment. Why can’t we just admit it? It has been long since I have admitted to myself, it is my fault. As long as I’m concerned, it is my fault. If I knew that what my group mates are wrong, why didn’t I correct them? If I knew that doing a project would take this specific period of time, why didn’t I do earlier rather than cram? I’ve decided that I’m always lacking. I will always be a part of it and not an exception of it. Take the consequence. You’ll have it whether you take the blame or not. Just like how Adam, Eve, and the snake did. Take the responsibility for your actions.


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