Genesis 2 : The Seventh Day and Adam and Eve

As I grew up in a Christian family, stories like the creation has been told to me over and over again. But just like how I did with Genesis 1, I would like to share my reflections while I was reading the chapter. 

So for the first part… The Seventh Day.

It’ll be simple as… It is the 7th day. Presently called, Sunday. God rested in the seventh day. He stopped what He was doing and rested. He made it holy. So, the same goes to me, to you and to everyone. REST! Don’t do work! The seventh day, otherwise Sunday, is made FOR HIM AND HIM ONLY. Go to church. Or pray. Or have fellowship. Whatever you do, that day is dedicated only for Him. You’ve done six days of work. Rest and praise Him for you reached the seventh day, surviving those six days.

Second part… Adam and Eve.

First point. “…and there was no one to work the ground, (v5)”. God made us with a purpose. Not literally a as in one purpose only. But, our life has goals to reach. One of those is to “work the ground”. In other words, take care of our nature. God made man to govern those things He made, not destroy it.

Second point. “…the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground… (v7)”. DUST FROM THE GROUND!!! We are formed from the dust of the ground. Just dust. You don’t go places bragging about how great you are. We are nothing. Just dust. We are lowly. We are nothing. But God breathed into us and gave us life. God has made you from nothing into something. God made you into His family. You are nothing without God.

Third point. Land here. Land there. River here. River there. You see, the world is reaaaaallllyyy big!!! When you are Adam and you are the one and only man on earth and you are given to enjoy that biiiiiig world, you are sooooooo blessed. It’s as if having 1000 dishes for you to eat in a meal. And you have that every meal of everyday. Imagine that. You may say things are different now. There are loooooooaaaaaaaaddddddsss of people out there. But no. As long as you are with God, it’s all the same. You are blessed.

Fourth point. Freedom with limitations. Verses 16-17 says Adam was free to eat from any tree except the tree of knowledge. We are given freedom to do things we like. God does not control us like robots. We are free to think, feel and do what we want. But there is a limitation to everything. Well, except for God’s greatness. But that limitation puts us into safety. It stops us from sinning and going to sea of fire otherwise called hell. So those limitations are our boundary.

Fifth and last point. God is thoughtful of us. At the end part of the chapter, God gave Adam a partner, someone who could join him. He thought of him. He doesn’t want him to be alone. Just like how God thought of us. He provides for us. He guides us. He loves us.


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