Genesis 1 : The Beginning

Most of the commentaries about the first chapter of the book of Genesis tells about how everything in this world started. Or maybe how great God is for wonderfully creating this world. But I say otherwise. Not saying they’re wrong and I’m right. It’s just how I see Genesis 1. What did I reflect on upon reading Genesis 1?

First point. Everything starts from scratch. “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep… (v2)”. Nothing and no one begins at the top. Well, except for God and all those fake fairy tales (am not bitter! haha!), all of those starts from zero. Even I was nothing until my parents made me. And from that, my life started. Same goes to you. Whatever goal you may have, I’ll always start from zero.

Second point. Everything goes through one step at a time. See, even God made the light first then the earth and water and then the stars, the animals and so on. God didn’t make everything in one go. You must do the first step then the second one then third and so on. No skipping. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Third point. Everything will be done when you say I’ll be done. Well, it’s not literally saying, “Hey! School project, be done!” and it will. No, I don’t mean that. I meant that when you want something to be over, you must put into mind that you will finish it and take action. See, God says the word, “Let there be light (v3)” and there was light. You can’t make the doctor cure you when he doesn’t have an idea where you are hurting. Take action. Do something if you want to achieve anything.

Fourth and last point. Realize that God is a great god. God is a great god. What else must I need to say? :)


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