Someone you could lean your head on…

I just thought of this randomly. Well, not completely random but a thought leading to another thought until it came to the topic of this post… I’m just saying that it would have been nicer if there is someone you could lean your head on when you’re tired, stressed or just purely looking for comfort.

Of course, you wouldn’t lean on anyone. You would go to someone who is either your really close friend or your special someone. Well, I’m pertaining to the latter in this post.

The comforting and relaxing sparks from the skinship just makes you feel as if you wouldn’t like to go away. Yeah. I haven’t done that for a very long time. I did that but during those times, I wasn’t aware of that feeling and ended up wasting it.

So if you have someone willing to always lend their shoulder, through good or bad, take care of them and treasure the moments.


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