Too many people = Stress

I knew it. Once they are here, I’ll be stressed. Then, I’ll get my bad side. Then, I’ll go weird. Then I’ll be whatever because I’m just really stressed. It’s even greater than the stress my thesis is giving me.

Actually, my classmates went here Wednesday afternoon to have an overnight. My parents weren’t here so they had this thought of having such thing last week. And because I was always not around when they plan an overnight, I got excited at the thought and then they got excited too as if it’s already confirmed that we would really have. So they planned and there. We had an overnight at my house.

I was actually not allowed to have an overnight. But my mother considered so she let me have one… but only girls are allowed. But most of the people who planned were guys. So… yeah. I still let guys stay. And they are actually greater in number than us girls.

In my fear of being caught by my neighbors (’cause they are my mother’s eyes while they are gone), I’ve got the stressed of hiding them. It added to the stressed I’m experiencing because of having too much crowd at this small house of ours.

Because of this stress…ugh! I won’t do this again. If this is how it works every time, even if I’m not the host, I won’t actually do it again. It’s more of tiring mentally than physically.


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