They’re just dreams…

So I just had this dream today. And… it was quite… I don’t know, maybe interesting or maybe sad. Here it goes~

-I was in a school. I’m not lost in my dream. It’s as if I know the place. It seems that I go to school there. I’m at the auditorium of the school… or maybe a concert hall. It looks like that. But anyway, I made my way out through all those chairs and people. I’m nearing the door but there seems to be this group that is next to the exit. It seems that they are talking. One guy talked to me and asked where I am going. The one talking to the front, a female, saw us and asked me. I said that I won’t be able to join them anymore since I am going to be late to my class. Then she told me a name of a teacher and I agreed that it is indeed my teacher for the subject I’m pertaining to. So she let me. As I walk out, I don’t know where to go. I decided left but only end up in a restroom. I went back and go to the opposite direction. There I saw a wall with a wooden frame in it (nothing inside it). It looks familiar to me so I went on. I found a stair and went through it. This stair was on the side part of the building. So I decided to go the stairs that is in the middle of the building. When I went there, there seems to be a guy preparing to propose to some girl. He has roses and it was videotaped so I don’t go to that stair. I don’t want to be mistaken to be the girl she’s waiting for and ruin their surprise. So I went to another stair. When I went down another floor, I saw the same people but this time, there seems to be many people waiting for the thing to happen. Audience, I must say. They are not seen upstairs when I saw the guy. But anyway, I went down to be stopped by my group of friends plus this guy with his friend. I know this guy. He “holds a special place in my heart”. We call him Korrin in this story (don’t want to reveal his true identity ‘cause there may be a possibility that he may read this). They talked to me about they choosing me to be the representing them or whatever. And I agreed. Then while talking, Korrin took hold of my hand. My heart really fluttered. I really felt it. Then I’m just cool and let it. But let go of it later on by pointing to a vending machine ‘cause I’ll go crazy having those hands hold mine. Then I’m not really sure if I remember this part clearly but I think he put his head on my shoulder. Then just like what I did to the hands, I let go of it. I walked to my room and left them. When I went to my room, I found everyone doing nothing. Rather than a classroom, it looks like a room preparing for election. My teacher and her two other colleagues were on the side using computer. Then there was a mini table that has this poster and a box with a ‘KL’ written in it. (No, it wasn’t really K. It was another letter but I put K ‘cause it’s where Korrin starts and the letter that K replaced was what Korrin’s true name starts with.) I ignored the fact that the K may be pertaining to Korrin. I know that L is pertaining to my name Laurice. Then I wondered what’s with the posters and realized that the one they are talking about, the representing part, is about me being in the student government. It wasn’t really supposed to be like that but since I already agreed to it, it’s fine already. Then I sat on the floor beside the table and opened the box. When I sat, I found Korrin sitting in the sofa that is next to me and the table, sitting as if he’s the boyfriend when he’s not. Just let it. I don’t have any business with him. When I opened the box, a friend got the box’s contents and pours it on me. It looks like sticks so its fine. I took it and Korrin helped me. I told him that I’ll do it myself ‘cause I’m shy to him. Then he looks so sweetly I swear I’m going to melt. Then when I’m fixing the contents back to the box, he lowered his body to level mine and whispered, “I love you…”. I ignored it at first, then he repeated it… while looking at me. I stopped at what I’m doing then he repeated it. Then I looked at him then he repeated. Then I looked away and he repeated it. Then my friend told me that we should talk it out. It seems that my reaction is not what they are expecting. Then I covered my face and cried. Then I extended my arms and hugged him crying and-

My dream ended. I woke up. And I’m really crying. I was crying because of happiness in my dream. But once I woke up, I’m crying because it hurts inside. I don’t know why I’m crying. It just goes on. I could say that I literally woke up to reality. And it’s so freaking sad. All that happy things… just a dream.

And upon thinking about for a while, I think such thing won’t ever happen. I also have a dream before and I think that would never happen. So just like that one, this one won’t do too. It’s just a product of my unrequited love… Well. That’s how it will always be. Unrequited. Just dreams…


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