That Knight in Shining Armor

Today, I absolutely believed in the existence of a knight in shining armor. How? Why? Because I had one.

No. They neither came shining nor in an armor. They’re just a simple knight who’s in their typical working clothes or anything people normally wear. But when they do the ‘saving’ of the main heroine, they look as if they’re in that shining armor. They just appear to be cool. They look amazing. They look…wow! When they do their thing, what’s they are best at, they just look so cool. Well, personally, I just think that people especially men who do what they are best at looks cool to me. But when they do that to save someone, *deym~* their coolness multiplies. Like, they are much much much cooler.

Maybe because they look that cool to the person they save, females (I haven’t encountered a female doing the saving then men falls in love) often falls in love with them. They’re just filled cooly patooty. :D


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