Now THIS is College

College? Yes. This is college.

I have been telling myself since the year started that I would like to be a regular blogger… like daily blogger. But what? It’s just been a week and I’m losing out! Well, blame college! Well, not really college… THESIS! Blame my thesis!

I started blogging since I entered college and I must say that this year is the most stressful of all those years that I have experienced. I’m expecting this actually, with all the thesis and practicum I have to do. It’s just that, with all this stress, I want somewhere to vent out. And when I face such situation, it has always been my blogs that I go to. I say whatever I want. I rant things out. But even though I have such stress these past few weeks, I can’t find myself blogging. I mean, I could if I would like to but… there are things that I’d rather do first than blog. They are not school stuff as I really would like to go away from it but it relieves my stress, relaxes my body and really do make me smile. That is watching K-Dramas. I just sit there and watch. Unlike blogging, I have to think what I write. I don’t want to write any nonsense. Hence, I have to think. And since I want to go away from all that thinking from school, I would like something that would make me think less. So I watch dramas. Unlike in blogging, I just receive and receive and receive. My mind’s working but it’s less than it does while I’m blogging. So yeah~ I’d rather watch than blog. As a result, less blogging.

So how come I’m blogging right now? Because I’m blogging at school. And my school’s computers (I think) don’t allow its users to watch things or whatever. And I’m fine with that. At least, I had the chance to blog.

So if ever that I’ll be gone again, please understand that this is the doings of my stressful college life.


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