Why psychologists aren’t that known in the Philippines?

Well, admit it. Psychologists in Philippines isn’t that known or people don’t really understand what psychologists do. You could easily hear other professions when you listen to dreams of kids but, I think, psychologist was never one of them. If it is, that is VERY rare.

Actually today, I had this realization of why it is so. My neighbor who went abroad for sooooo long went home to volunteer somewhere. She came to talk to my mother. One of the topics they had, of course, is the typhoon Yolanda. Because of their talk, I realized another reason why psychologists aren’t that known in the Philippines. Well, of course except for the ones I’ve already thought so far, I realized something else. Let’s start with the ones I’ve given thought already.

First. Filipinos have this mentality that when you go to a psychologist, you are insane already. So I think, even if they are having problems and it’s just fine to go to a psychologist, they won’t. People are afraid that if they do so, other people will see them as insane.

Second. The job isn’t really that common among Filipinos. Or it is better said as, they ignore the job. I mean, when you go around a city or somewhere, you would see an engineer, a teacher, a nurse or a doctor, a programmer, or whatever job there is. But finding a psychologist isn’t that common. Well, maybe there are psychology major graduates but some don’t really end up being one. Some go being in the human resource department. Some take up post-course (Is there such word? Whatever.). Only few end up really becoming a psychologist.

As for what I just realized… here it is.
Third. Filipinos are happy people. They are… easy-going. Big problems isn’t big for them (including me, as I’m a Filipino too). It’s nothing. Unlike other cultures, problems are really problems. So with just simple stress, they go to a psychologist. Simple problems for Filipinos are big problems for them. My neighbor said that other cultures are prone t be depressed, have a suicidal tendency or whatever. But Filipinos! “Just give them a microphone and they’ll just sing their problems out,” as she said. Because of that, psychologists aren’t known to us.

I don’t know if what I said here is valid to everyone but I think, these are somehow true. I was hoping that in the future (not far future but just years after), the image of psychologists shall be established to the Filipinos. And that whatever mentality there is among psychologist shall be gone.


2 thoughts on “Why psychologists aren’t that known in the Philippines?

    • well, don’t be. actually, there are so many jobs for psychology graduates. this is one of the many courses that can go to many jobs, can do other jobs except for being an actual psychologist. it’s just that, if you really, like i mean REALLY, wanted to pursue being an ACTUAL psychologist, it’s better to think of like having a master degree. because starting this year, there will be a licensure examination for psychologist so without that, you’ll just be called psychometrician (not sure, i think this is what i understand from my professor) and your only job is to administer and interpret tests. with that, you could go to human resource department (but if you want this job why not just take hrdm, right?). i don’t know what other jobs you could go to but that’s one for sure. psychology has many branches you could go to. OR, you may pursue other profession like law, medicine, education, or whatever.

      in summary, you can have a job. psychology is like a preliminary to so many jobs. so don’t worry. :D

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