My Forever Hopeful Resolution

I know it’s been every start of the year that people (including me) make a resolution for the new year coming. And I know that only very few has done theirs until the year ends and that excludes me. Because of that, I am aware that many people gave up in making their lists. But some are still hopeful that they will somehow carry on. And that includes me.

Of course, I would want something better in my life. And there are only three main BETTERs I want in my life.

  1. Be a BETTER Christian. (And this is must! Like let everything I said here go wrong but not this.)
  2. Put on a BETTER body. (That also means health. Plus, sexy. :D)
  3. Have a BETTER savings. (Like I could and should already open a bank account ’cause it’s that big already. And I have to save for a concert I’m really really anticipating.)

Maybe there are more BETTERs but I want to have these three as my priority. And I’m really hopeful for these things to happen.

How about you? What’s your list?



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