Seeing Boyfriend for the first time makes me…. my feels!!!

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I still can’t believe what had happened to me yesterday is true. Seeing Boyfriend at the 5th KPop Convention yesterday is one of my dreams come true. Just by seeing Hyunseong’s name in my timeline makes my head confused and my heart filled with emotions that I don’t know what to do anymore but be amazed by them. My heart races just thinking of seeing them face to face.

And damn!!! If you had been a hardcore Bestfriend since they debuted, you would probably know that Hyunseong’s the last member to join the group. If I remember correctly, he just had a year or less to train then joined the group. He had the least trainee years among all the members. Starship even gave him a screen name (Sunho) but it didn’t probably worked so they went back to his true name which is Hyunseong. There was even a photoshoot for a magazine (not sure if it’s really for a mag) which features every member of BF except HS. There was this guy who was in HS’ place and people thought that it was him who will be debuting but in the end it was HS.

My point here is I already knew why Starship has chosen HS to be a part of the group. This guy is FREAKING HANDSOME!!! And FREAKING TALENTED!!! I mean, everyone is (special mention to Donghyun) but he is handsome! That is a statement! I know you may think that I’m just spazzing over HS but I just want to show my love and support to this guy!! I freaking love the guy!! And whatever I said here is really true. And I will really really really support them till the end.

I’m happy that I woke up too early and had a chance to make him a banner. Even though it’s not that good, I want him to know that there’s me who really loves him and supports him. And I’m glad he notices the banner and looks and waves at times. And during the fan signing event, (where I had the chance to shake hands with ALL of them. Sorry. Just happy.) i told him that he is my favorite. I want him to know he’s loved. ><

Upon remembering the event, I know to myself that this experience is one of the happiest, if not the happiest, moments of my life.

And oh! Some side scoop from BF, they said that they will be having a concert really soon here in Phil. So better save up for that! :D

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