First Days…

Today is my first day of school for this semester. Although classes started yesterday, I don’t have Monday classes. I was kind of excited for it but it doesn’t really feel as if it’s the first day. It’s as if it’s just any other day. But I am KIND OF happy that there something interesting that happened in this boring first day.

So we have a subject Abnormal Psychology. Our professor paired us up and told us of her subject requirements. It includes a case study by the end of the semester. We are told of what disorder we are to study. My partner is one of my friends and among us friends, the two of us are the type to have diets and stuff. It’s a very funny coincidence that the disorder assigned to us is the eating disorder. The thing is I have an issue about it. Actually, both of us but I’m not sure of how is hers. Since I’m having all this diet and stuff, I’m afraid that what I’m doing is bad for me already, that what I’m doing may show symptoms of ANY eating disorder. And I wouldn’t like that. It’s a good thing that this is the one assigned to us.

Another subject I had today is Industrial Psychology. As it’s just start of the classes, our professor just gave us some easy stuff. He made us gone into a test. I think it’s called Dalai Lama-something test, I’m not sure. But it’s something related to that. I was kind of familiar with it because I already took it before in the internet. I’m not sure if it is really accurate or what but it somehow got similarities with who I am. It involves three questions. Each answer corresponds to a meaning. The first question is to rank tiger, horse, pig, cow, and sheep. It symbolizes pride, family, money, career, and love life consecutively. How you rank the animals means you rank how it symbolizes. The second one is to give a description of a dog, cat, coffee, ocean and rat. How you described them is how you describe yourself, your partner, sex, life, and your enemy consecutively. The third is associating the colors yellow, orange, red, white and green to a person we know. I forgot how other colors means but I remember that yellow is someone you will never forget and red is the person you love.

Anyway, it is a tiring day but somehow, I had fun a little. I wish a good tomorrow too.


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