For He is the Lord

Read: Exodus 15:22-27

“…for I am the Lord, who heals you.”

-Exodus 15:26

Our God is very kind. Our God is powerful. Our God provides. Our God heals. Our God is an awesome god. He is for He is our God.

After the Israelites led by Moses passed through the Red Sea, they went travelling into the Desert of Shur. They didn’t have water to drink. They came to Marah but couldn’t drink the water there for it is bitter (hence, the name Marah meaning bitter). And they plead Moses who pleads to God. So God gave Moses a way for the water to be sweet and they drank.

As our God provides, He provided Israelites the water that they need. Just like the Israelites, God can provide the things that we are in need of. But before we receive, I see five things that God told us to do before we could receive such.

1. Ask (v25)
“Then Moses cried to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood…”
What Moses did is that he cried to the Lord. He asked Him for His help. We can’t be helped if the help we needed is unknown. A doctor would have to ask you what you are feeling for him to be able to diagnose you. A shop owner can’t give you what you needed if you can’t tell what you need. We have to ask for His help. That is one purpose of praying. We communicate with God, let Him know (even though He knows it already) what we ask for.

2. Listen (v26)
“…listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God…”
Let Him speak to you. Let Him guide you. Trust Him and He will guide you to what you need. Let Him use your life and He will point you to an overflowing blessing.

3. Do what is right (v26)
“…and do what is right in his eyes…”
There are things that we do that we think is right. The Scripture says ‘in his eyes’. It means what is right according the Scripture, to God. We may say that lying is fine as long as it is for the good. The Scripture says it’s not, whatever the reason. So we have to do what is right, not based on us but on God.

4. Pay attention (v26)
“…if you pay attention to his commands…”
‘Attention’ synonyms with care, thoughtfulness, awareness, consideration. He told us to keep a thought with his commands. Think about it. Understand it. Devote ourselves into it. It is not to be read then forgotten. It is to be read and think about.

5. Keep his commands (v26)
Keeping means owning it. Own His words. Live into it. Make it as your own.

The thing here is that after all these, God promised us something. He told in the Scripture that when we did so, he will not bring “any of the disease I bought on the Egyptians”. I think in the modern times, it can be seen as hardships. If then so, as long as we do these things, we are not to be in a dark road. We will always be provided with our needs by the providing God. We will be made strong by a strong God. We will be made rich by the ever powerful God. For He is the Lord.

…more of God’s Love.


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