My FORMER Friend

I have this friend. Or rather, I had this friend. I am regretting for the memories we had but I’m not regretting that he’s not my friend anymore.

So here’s the thing. In my class, we are somehow divided into groups. But all are friends. It’s just that everyone is closer to their group rather than to the whole class. And this former friend of mine (we call him Phil) and me belongs to a group. I don’t know how other groups label us (as there is a group intended for the officers-like people, the transferee from the other section people, etc.) but we are the studious group. The two of us are really close with each other as we are always the one who really likes to study. But recently, the last weeks of last semester, he told me and another member (as Ino) of our group. I don’t want to disclose it here as he told us to keep it a secret. So I kept it a secret. He told us that he has this friend (as Chip) who, he says, has this psychic thing and can read minds or something like that. And Chip told him something. That something made him angry to my group’s another member (as Risa) which in my opinion, shouldn’t be. He loathed her as if she has this deadly and contagious thing! If what Chip told Phil about Risa is true, then as a friend, he should have corrected Risa, not hated her. And Risa doesn’t even have a clue why Phil suddenly hated her. She even cried! She’s not used having a friend treat her like that. I want to tell her the reason but I can’t. He said to keep it a secret. But what did he do? Phil told what he told us to everyone. What’s the use of telling me and Ino to keep it as a secret when he went out blabbering it other people?! And what’s more is that he added that Risa is this and that, telling rude things about her. No matter how it looks in any angle, telling people rude things is not right, no matter your reason is.

I want to tell him to correct it. I want him to realize a better option. But even before I could tell, he included me to his list. Of course, he won’t tell me. But I feel it. It’s the same as how he did with Risa. I believe Chip told him something again. And I think this time, it’s about me. Well, it’s just a speculation. After all, he won’t even talk with me properly. He would just brush me off his eyesight. You can never talk properly with a person having that kind of attitude. Never.

I had fun being his friend. But it is perfectly fine that he cuts his ties with us. It’s better this way. We don’t have to act friendly to each other. And everything that happened within those times that we are still friends will just pass as good memories. Goodbye, my FORMER friend.

(Posted 12 Nov 2013 7:04 PM)


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