That Very… NOT Nice Dream

I had this dream this morning… actually I think there are 4 or 5 of them that are different from each other but at this point of time, I only remember one. It was quite far from who I am and it’s kind of not nice so it somehow remained in my memory. So here’s how it goes…

There are two people in my dream, excluding myself. The first one is the son of my neighbor and the godson of my older sister. The second, I can’t remember who she is but it seems that I know her. So the guy in this story is called (‘cause I like giving code names to people, YEAH~) Tim and the girl one, Olive. So I was in this house (it somehow looks like our own house but it seems that it isn’t my house) and Olive is a maid there for the family’s child. It seems that the parents are away. The place is dark and Tim is trying to sneak something I don’t know what. Then he told me to help him steal the toy robot and it seems that I agreed to help. Then we went to the kitchen (I know it’s the kitchen ‘cause it really looks like our house in reality) and there’s a phone attached to the ceiling. I forgot what happened but it was detached. So Tim helped to reattach the thing but it didn’t work. So Olive stepped into the sink then tried to reattach it but it didn’t work. It is only when that I did it that it reattached. Haha. Then I opened the door that leads to the backyard, quietly as I know that it’ll make a bang if I didn’t do so (it really resembles our house). But Tim just closed it suddenly that it somehow made a quite loud sound and the child awoke. Then we hear the door opening and we knew that it is the parents that came. We hurried to get out along with a very cute dog, not so old but not so young too, that seems to belong to the house’s owner. Then we went to the next house beside it ‘cause that seems to be my house. I got the dog. Tim went to the next house beside my supposedly house and got the toy. Then I left the cute dog outside ‘cause I have to bring in my other dog that seems to be going out too, which should be hence the actin. Then when I went out, my another dog, the mother of the dog I placed inside, did something to the very cute dog. Mind you, my dog is a she and the very cute dog is a he. You know, she forced herself with the cute dog. I mean… uuuuhhhh… she impregnated herself… Uuuuhhhh… not sure with that term. Something like that. It’s not really nice that’s why I remembered it. It’s not a bit nice. Not.

Up until now, I’m not sure if I should post this since it’s not nice. I hate it. But if you are reading this, then I have decided to post it then. Ugh~ I hate it. It’s good that it’s a dream. Ugh~


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